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This powerhouse needs no introduction. The Nissan GT-R R35 originally released in 2008. From the factory the performance is mindblowing and subsequent models have proven the capability of the VR38DETT producing 358- 447 KW(Flywheel KW).

With all that power there is still room for improvement with the ECUTEK RaceRom tuning package. ECUTEK Racerom for the Nissan GT-R R35 allows for a range of features for KW Dealer to optimise the tune on the GT-R. Depending on hardware the fuel and a custom tune the GT-R can launch itself into new unrivalled performance gains.


ECU Connect is a free app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices that integrates with EcuTek’s Bluetooth vehicle interface to offer you advanced features and functionality.



This exciting product allows tuners and customers to interact with the ECU using their mobile device. It also integrates with the latest EcuTek RaceROM features to provide innovative new functions and even greater control.


These features are available for most vehicles via generic OBD2 support, but some do not apply to all models. Check the list of supported models for full details.

To see details of the features that are specific to each supported vehicle, click the model name in the features by vehicle list on the right.

  • Data logging – Display and record factory and RaceROM diagnostic parameters, including engine and transmission simultaneously*.
  • High speed – Logging rates up to 50% faster than ProECU and as fast as 200Hz on some vehicles (Nissan 370Z factory protocol)*.
  • RaceROM integration – Driver interaction with RaceROM features*.
  • Read & clear DTCs – Not only the engine ECU, but other modules too, such as for the TCM, ABS etc*.
  • Dashboards – Display real-time data from any parameter in a set of graphical displays using circular gauges, bar graphs or text.
  • Performance analyser – Test and share the performance results online.
  • Archive – Stores log files and performance test results for sharing with tuners or friends, directly from within the app.
  • ECU reset – Plus clearing of ECU learnt values*.
  • ECU info – Provides detailed information about the vehicle concerned.
  • Dealer locator – Lists all EcuTek Tuners and Master Tuners around the world starting with those closest to your location. Can be refined to show only those dealers who tune selected vehicles.

* Does not apply to all vehicles and models. Check supported models list for compatibility.

ECU Connect works with the latest RaceROM to integrate your device with new and existing features, including:

  • Custom data logging – Log numerous RaceROM live data parameters including fuel injection volume, per-cylinder knock, injector angle, G-sensors, wheel-slip ratio and more*.
  • Map switching – Switch between different modes using the app, and create and name each mode using ProECU*.
  • Valet mode – Reduce your car’s power output for when someone else is to drive it*.
  • Launch control – Adjust the launch RPM using the app*.
  • Boost controller – Set the maximum allowed boost pressure for each map switch mode.

* Does not apply to all vehicles and models. Check supported models list for compatibility.


Five new inputs that can be configured and controlled using ECU Connect. Within ProECU these can be set up as a slider control, a numerical value or a switch, and provide the following possibilities:

  • Adjustable boost – Set min/max boost with a driver-adjustable slider control.
  • Adjustable traction control – Use a slider control for live variation of traction control gain.
  • Live adjustments – Use a slider or numerical control to add/remove ignition timing, adjust fuelling, vary cam timing, or alter custom map outputs.
  • Power output adjustment – Make live adjustments or engage solenoids or relays.
  • Valet mode – Turn this feature on or off using your mobile device.

* The number of custom input possibilities depends upon the car model. Check supported models list for details.


ECU Connect offers all users extended functionality on the Nissan GT-R. Log the engine and gearbox ECUs simultaneously, adjust the gearbox settings and read and clear the warning history. In addition, it is possible to recalibrate steering angle and brake pressure sensors, and perform TPMS registration.

  • ECM reset
  • Idle learning
  • Clutch auto learning and clutch adjustments
  • Read and clear TCM warning history
  • TPMS, brake and steering tools
  • ECM and TCM simultaneous logging


ECU Connect supports the generic OBD2 CAN communication protocol available on nearly all vehicles manufactured from 2008 onwards. ECU Connect can be used for OBD PID logging, along with read and clear DTCs for all compliant vehicles around the world.

There are many different OBD2 standards and protocols and we are unable to guarantee support for all vehicles, but we have tested on many different vehicles including petrol and diesel models.



Download ECU Connect for free from the app store of your choice.

iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.



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