KW Dealer offers remote tuning(e-tuning) no matter where in the world you reside for your Nissan GTR R35. We also provide a wide range of COBB Tuning parts

What you need to do to get started with your KWD Tune:

Read ALL the information contained below VERY IMPORTANT.

Use a battery charger while flashing first time its recommended to flash the vehicle when you are in close proximity to your residence

What’s happens after you submit the form below?

Once we have determined and agreed on the modifications you have installed on your vehicle we will supply you with a base map to start the logging and tuning process.  Once we have determined and agreed with the modifications you have performed we can then send you a base map to begin tuning. When you have installed the map into the vehicle ECU we will need to go through the logging process. When a log has been completed please send us the log, we will review it and send a revised map for you to log again. This process can take a couple of revisions to get the map dialled in to your modifications.



  • Always use a battery charger when flashing your vehicle.
  • Make sure climate control and headlights are off
  • Ensure your COBB Accessport is on the latest firmware


To Install Accessport Manager:

Install Accessport Manager for Windows

Install Accessport Manager for MAC OSX


COBB Accesstuner and Accessport Data Monitors for Nissan GTR

MAP Slot Guide

PerformanceLower BoostVALET


To switch between maps use Cruise control. Hit cancel with engine running and boost gauge showing. Then click up and down to switch maps. The boost gauge will show which map you are on i.e 0 no bars, map 1 (one bar) etc…






  • Always use a battery charger when flashing your vehicle.
  • Make sure you are running the latest software updates
  • Make sure climate control and headlights are off

To Install ECUTEK :

ECUTEK Software Download

Logging Parameters:

A/F Corr.B1 A/F Corr.B2 Air FuelB1 Air FuelB2 Boost LeftBoost RightCoolant TempEngine Oil TempGearIgn AdvanceInj. Duty Cycle (%)Int. Cam Adv B1Int. Cam Adv B2Intake Air TempKnock Sums (raw)([CBA cars only] 2009-2011 usdm cars)Dynamic Timing Advance ([DBA cars only] 2012+ cars)Maf V b1Maf V b2 (used for running a non-speed density tune (usually stock or near stock cars))MAP (PSI)RPM (RPM)Theo. Pulse Width (ms)Throttle Pos. B1 (%)Vehicle Speed (mph)Wastegate Duty (%)


Logging & Driving HOWTO

1 First log we will need:

Firstly ALWAYS make sure the car reaches operating temperature before logging unless logging cold start.

Once the car is fully warmed up cruise around at steady state for about 10-15 minutes. Steady state can be though of as NO rapid accelerator movement and only slow and controlled throttle requests.

Log partial throttle, and about 5 psi of boost.

2 From here on email us the logs to the specified email address. The second log we will need (usually after sending a revised map) under similar conditions to the base map.

3 Stop there and send logs, if things are good we will require a third log (usually after the previous maps and logs are satisfactory)

4 Log, partial throttle, into about 10 psi boost send us the logs

5 Log, full throttle pulls from 2k-Redline send us the logs


Your car MUST be in good health / and mechanical condition with NO issues. We cannot tune your vehicle and will decline the tuning request, we can not tune round hardware issues.

ECUTEK requires a licence to be added to each ECU. NISSAN GT-R needs ECM & TCM to run all features correctly. Please revert in a timely fashion as per our terms and conditions It is recommended getting back to us with logs within a timely fashion as we get 100's of emails and logs every day. Also please ensure you reply to the email we sent you with the relevant logs, it makes keeping track of logs much easier that way. We ask that you do not seek technical advise from DIY owners, forums, facebook groups or similar. Please ask us first we are the only people who actually knows what is going on in your tune.

Warranty and Disclaimer

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions


Ready to get started?


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