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The Stratagem iMap™ is the latest and most innovative flash tuning handset brought to you by the tuning wizards at Dreamscience. We have made this all possible by collaborating with one of the world’s largest and most successful Ford Tuning companies SCT who are based in the USA. The New IMAP is available for the Focus XR5, ST250, Focus RS MK3 and the ST180 in Australia.

This new and exciting partnership has ensured that we have the very latest device hardware technology, plus an unrivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience, it is no coincidence our tunes files are popular market leaders and are considered to be the best available, as reported by numerous independent specialist magazine tests.  Now that most modern performance Fords are released on a global scale we are able to bring new hardware and tuning files for all the new performance Fords even faster than before.

The concept of the Stratagem iMap™ is to offer a simple plug and play, easy to use, attractive, yet a multi-functional device that has the ability to offer customers a  wide range of Dreamscience’s own proven tune files, as well as having the ability to receive custom tune files from Dreamscience dealers worldwide. The new iMap™ is also a multi-vehicle device which comes with tune files for the most popular Performance Fords.

All of the Dreamscience tune files on the Stratagem iMap™ have been carefully created at our research centre using our state of the art rolling road, as well as numerous actual road tests on several of each supported vehicle types to ensure we deliver the maximum performance from your vehicle while maintaining the highest standard of safety and reliability. With the iMap, you have the ability to flash between the tune files on the device for your chosen car an unlimited number of times, plus you can flash between stock and a tune file an unlimited number of times.

The iMap has the ability to receive custom tune files that can be e-mailed to you, an example of this is for the Focus ST225 we offer Mod XRS for the 440cc RS injectors, Turbo X and Turbo X+ for our K06 Hybrid turbo upgrade. We are also able to make edits and custom maps for the other supported vehicles on the iMap and these can be sent via e-mail to you and you add these to your device via pc and the cable provided.

The handset comes with 5 live lives which mean as long as your “return to stock” on the device you can sell the device on and the new keeper can simply plugin and go, you cannot keep a tune file on your car and sell the device on as it will not work. We do advise before sending your vehicle into a garage for service or warranty work you return to stock as there may be updates applied to your car which may delay loading a tune file once returned. Invariably the manufacturers do release calibration updates, when this happens we rapidly test these, then we add an update to our website to ensure your vehicle has continued support.


Race 99
This tune file offers a good balance of power and economy and is ideally suited for every day use. It can be run on regular 95 octane fuel but is best suited to 99 octane such as Shell V-Power and Tesco Momentum. Race 99 offers an increase of 60 FtLb of torque and just over 35 Bhp at 3500rpm where the standard car feels very flat. This tune is not about peak power, it’s about improved driveability and performance without exerting the engine or turbo. Peak power is up to 355Bhp at over 6000 rpm and there is never a sense of the power tapering off, it will just keep pulling. Race 99 also boasts better economy so for any long distance trips or commutes while running 99 octanne fuel there is a noticable increase in mpg. If you decide to add an intercooler upgrade and / or cat back exhaust this tune will run perfectly and the extra flow and cooling will simply add to the performance and compliment the map.

Race 99+
Race99+ a great entry level stage 1 remap with a bit more aggression than Race 99.  To run this tune file you can only use 99 Octane fuel like Shell V-Power or Tesco momentum, if you can only get 95 Octane please run the Race99 tune, or buy some octane booster like BOOSTANE. Race99+  sees further improvements in the mid range and at peak power (6000+rpm) we were able to achieve over 370Bhp which was an increase of nearly 40Bhp over our standard car. This is still an aggressive tune but still within safe boundaries and tolerances of the engine and turbo. When creating these tune files we carefully log several hundred parameters to make sure we not only achieve the best performance but maintain safety and reliability throughout, hence our exemplary reputation on our maps. This tune is ideal for track days and group meets as well as spirited driving, it can however be used on a daily basis too. The beauty of the iMap handset is you have a selection of varying performance maps as well as the option to flash back to stock at any time too.

As per the title, this really is an Ultimate map for your RS MK3.  This new tune file has evolved from from Race99+ and gives more low down power / torque, holds a flat torque curve in the middle keeping you pinned to your seat and you still get that little bit extra up top! This tune file is only for super unleaded fuel or equivalent to UK 99 octane such as Shell V-Power. Peak power is slightly up on Race99+, the most impressive part on DS-Ultima is the extra 20+ bhp throughout the mid range keeping your acceleration uniform from 2000 rpm to 6000rpm.

DS Ultima 2

Our first tune designed to run with an upgraded down pipe 3″ with sports cat, plus the addition of a Cold Air Intake. (CAIS) This map is designed to run with Shell V power or Tesco Momentum ONLY!. With these modification fitted Our DS-Ultima-2 tune file gave an increase of 26Bhp throughout most of the rev range above 2500rpm and just over 31FtLb of torque more than DS-Ultima.  This map has many built in safety functions which are thermally integrated, the map produces it’s full potential only after the oil temperature is in the normal operating range. The Mil light will not come on for de cat or sports cat and to get best acceleration we recommend Sports mode with the traction turned off.


The latest and greatest stage 1 map Dreamscience have released for the RS. “The map that everyone is talking about”. DS Ultima 2+ really sets the standard for tuning options for the MK3 with nearly 12 months of development to finalize and release to the public. This map has been extensively tested on the Road, Dyno and Track!

This map is ideal for a RS that is Standard, or Stage 1,  or Stage 2. Yes that right, DS Ultima 2+ can be run with standard mods! A Standard RS MK3 can expect to see an increase around 45bhp & 80FtLbs Torque with 99 octane fuel over stock. To achieve higher bhp figures, this map would complimented by a 3″ downpipe, intercooler,  cold air intake, Bigger Boost pipes ran with V Power fuel. For an independent review of DS Ultima 2+  please see the link: DS Ultima 2+ Review

DS Ultima 3

Dreamscience are delighted to announce the release of our latest tune for the RS MK3. Please welcome the Mighty DS-Ultima 3 to our already comprehensive choice of tunes for your RS. We have been working on this latest tune for several months and are delighted with the overall performance, power output, reliability and most importantly driveability. The vehicle used for the testing was fitted with a Dreamscience Motorsport 3” Down Pipe De Cat, a Velossatech big mouth cold air intake (Velossa Tech) feeding a Dreamscience Motorsport dry charge filter (Panel Filter), stock intercooler and stock cat back running Shell V-Power 99 octane fuel.

The test vehicle reliably and consistently produces around 405Bhp and just over 430FtLb of torque, this map as can be seen from the graph (Dyno Graph) achieves its peak power at 5350 Rpm and holds over 400 Bhp thereafter making it a bit of an animal when racing or making high rpm gear changes. The torque curve has no crazy spike and is controlled as can be seen from the graph we hold over 425Ftlb of torque from 2500 rpm to 4500 rpm with a flat torque curve and the drop off is only slight so the car always feels progressive and like it’s continuously pulling hard! You will notice an over-boost feature with this map when driving that activates above 4500 rpm so you never have the feeling that the car is letting off power, ever! The small humps that can be seen in both the stock map torque curve, and the Ultima 3 torque curve, are a safety feature as we run to a load target / limit same as your stock file, this ensures that under harsh conditions your car will still perform safely and within tolerance.

This Ultima 3 tune must only be run with 99 octane fuel in the UK, 98 Octane in Australia, and ideally 99+ octane in other European countries who have access to higher octane fuels. If you struggle to find a fuel suitable we do offer an octane booster called Boostane (BOOSTane) which won SEMA product of the year 2016 and really does do what it says on the tin. This map is a free upgrade to any existing iMap customers, simply connect to a pc with the cable provided to our updater tool (iMap Updater) and select automatically check for updates, it’s best not to use the handset Wi-Fi option for this update as it may drop out so in all cases use the cable!

Minimum modification requirements for optimum performance are

The next release being worked on is DS-Ultima 3+ which utilises the following

  • Forge Re Circ upgrade
  • DS-Big boost pipe kit
  • DS Intercooler

Enjoy, TeamDS

DS Ultima 3 Dyno 



  • Colour Screen
  • Multiple vehicle tuner (see list for currently supported vehicles)
  • On-device live data logging
  • Fault code reader, fault code delete function
  • Remote update ability
  • Ability to hold generic and custom tunes
  • PC connect ability
  • Can be transferred to 5 vehicles as long as return to stock is performed on your vehicle
  • Windscreen mount available *not included

    DREAMSCIENCE IMAP is now available in Australia.

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