Are you overwhelmed and confused with all the tuning solutions in the market for your Ford Focus Ecoboost RS or ST vehicle?

Can't be bothered to read through all the websites and forums and correlate the relevant information to make an informed decision on what tuning solution is right for you? Well, you are in luck! Read on...

We do often get asked which tuning solution is better for my car? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question and often it is personal preference. When it comes to these solutions most tuning solution manufacturers provide the basic tables available for the professional tuner to modify and some others have done some extra work and provide custom features. 

Some of these custom features include launch control, flat foot shifting and others. Some features enhance the capability of the tuner to control aspects of the car better for example how the fuelling works and ignition timing changes to name a few. Although the customer doesn't see the benefits ate first sight there are some benefits to the customer especially pricing, An example of this is real-time tuning. This allows the tuner to make changes to the Engine Control Unit(ECU, DMU) in real-time meaning the tuner doesn't have to ignition cycle the car and flash between every change, they can simply make the changes to the relevant tables, test and make some more changes without cycling the ignition start/off and off/start. This is very similar to what an aftermarket standalone ECU such as a HALTECH, SYVECS or MOTEC ECUs are capable of.

Often it also comes down to the tuners preference and which solution they are most comfortable with and which solution is right for their business and the customer market available to him.

We have created a little guide on the features available of different tuning solutions.

CLICK HERE for our Ford tuning platform comparison guide.


*** Disclaimer: This guide is relevant as of the date of publication. As new features are added and products improve we will update the guide accordingly. This is our un-biased review, if you feel we have made a error please contact us at info@kwdealer.com.au