Subaru WRX STI


We do get a lot of customers phoning and us and are not aware of how staged performance packages work and how it could benefit them and save $$$ at the end of the day.

Here it goes..

As the name implies a staged package is a package that you can buy in stages. You can see and feel the benefits of the packages straight away. For example, you can buy a Stage 1 package and load the relevant OTS or packaged tune that was provided by the manufacturer. Add additional hardware and you can then load the relevant Stage 1+ or Stage 2 tune depending on the upgrade path provided.

But there is a catch.  You have to follow the manufacturers upgrade path and generally, these paths include using that manufacturers hardware as they have spent many hours testing and developing these combinations of tunes and hardware testing. Using any other hardware might have negative effects and could even blow your engine. So its very important to keep that in mind unless the manufacturer is kind enough to provide tunes for other hardware that they have tested.

Another consideration you want to keep in mind is the cost, while it might be suitable for your budget at the time you will spend a bit more because of shipping and the discounts provided by the manufacturer. For example, if you buy a stage 1 package that includes a handheld tuner and a cold air intake, you will only pay for those items. Want to go to stage 2? If the upgrade path stipulates an intercooler you will have to buy that separate load the relevant OTS map, Then Stage 3 requires a Turbo back exhaust and again load the OTS map. Get where this is going? As and example if you bought all the items as a stage 3 package you might pay $5000 but buying them separate might cost you $5500. We totally understand that some enthusiasts can wait and go down the latter path.

What do i do if I have reached Stage 3 or even 4 and I want more power?

Here is where you can get a custom remote or dyno tune. While the staged OTS maps are great the manufacturers have to account for all variances in altitude, temperature and fuels octane, and RON. As such they will create different tunes that are conservative and take into account all the environmental variances that could be encountered.

How much extra power can be gained?

Well, that entirely depends on the vehicle, the mileage and how well it has been maintained, the quality of the engineering of the aftermarket parts the quality of the fuel. etc.. And then, of course, the tuner.


To conclude you don't always have to follow the manufacturers' recommendations and upgrade paths and you can get a custom tune at any stage to extract the most power from your vehicle. But generally, vehicle owners have some idea of power they are looking for and it's entirely up to the owner which path he or she takes.


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